“Announcing A Physical Therapy Clinic In Vegas, PERFECT For People Who DON’T Like Relying Upon Painkillers & Who Prefer NATURAL, Specialist Solutions To END Pain And Stiffness, So They Can Keep Active & Enjoy Life…”

The Offices of Optimal Physical Therapy are outpatient orthopedic and sports medicine rehabilitation centers committed to providing the highest quality physical therapy care for our patients.

Optimal Physical Therapy is formed on three basic principles: Empower, Educate, and Elevate. We will empower you to perform your rehabilitation safely and effectively. We educate you on “WHY” you are having a problem and diagnose the reason but we DO NOT treat the pain. Finally, we elevate you beyond your pre-injury state and take you as far along as you will let us. These Core Rehabilitation values utilize the skills of the clinician and a thorough and individualized rehabilitation program instead of gadgets and passive treatments.

We provide pre-operative and post-operative therapy as well as non-operative therapy for injuries that are a result of work, trauma, or overuse. Our focus is through an extensive physical therapy evaluation, manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercise, patient education and an individual focus on patient care to successfully return our patients to full function and enhance their quality of life. At Optimal Physical Therapy we value the individual, not just a patient.

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“Look Who Else Came For Specialist Physical Therapy At Intercore And Left Feeling More ACTIVE, HEALTHY And HAPPY…In Just A Few Short Weeks”!

Mary H. - 67 year old

I moved from east coast to Las Vegas retirement community four years ago, late last year I went to see Dr. Craig Clark for my knee pain, he referred me to do some physical therapy. I was little bit skeptical about it, because my lower body MRI had shown my right hip joint was severely deteriorated. Dr. Spencer Earnest at Optimal Physical Therapy, a young physical therapist listened to my long story patiently and carefully examined and evaluated my condition, then told me he think he could help me to relief my knee pain. Few weeks later my knee pain was gone and he realized that I was not mentally ready to go through right hip replacement procedure, so he worked with me a maintenance program to let me live a semi quality life until I decide to replace my hip. Now, with a new hip I still need to do more physical therapy to recovery, but I know that under Optimal Physical Therapy’s care, I’ll be able to enjoy my good quality retirement life again in the near future.

Jackie Arcana - 56 year old

Mike Russell with Optimal Physical Therapy has treated me many times for various situations. I first went to Optimal Physical Therapy as a post foot surgery patient. Mike and his staff got me “back on my feet” with excellent treatment and care. I then sought out for a run evaluation. I have had these done in the past but nothing like this. Mike and his staff was very thorough. Due to some past injuries I sustained, there were several areas that needed work. I was laid out an organized, detailed plan that addressed all of my issues. He understands the athletes perspective and does a better job than any physical therapist I’ve ever seen trying to help me achieve optimal performance. Finally, a few weeks ago while driving home, I was hit by a truck. Mike went above and beyond and before I knew it he had me set up to see appropriate doctors and basically managed my overall treatment. His compassion, professionalism and knowledge is unsurpassed. He continues treating me now for the accident. I am in the office a lot and really get to see the whole crew in action. He and his staff do treat me exceptionally well, but that’s how they treat everyone.

Kimberly Reed - 37 year old , trail running mother of 2

Mike Russell with Optimal Physical Therapy is fantastic! I am a busy working mother of a 2 and 4 year old and we lead very active lifestyles. My favorite outdoor activity is long distance trail running. Last Spring I developed a nagging pain in my Achilles and calves. I decided to just run through it… well, a few months and 200 miles later I couldn’t even walk. My running partner, Aaron Hastings, referred me to Mike. I am so happy he did. Mike was able to see me right away and in my first appointment he did a very thorough exam and run analysis. He listened to every detail of my injury and my lifestyle and deduced what my issues were. He then did some stretching, manipulating and dry needling and set up an entire at home exercise program for me. I attended one of his very informative running clinics as well. As I was working through my injuries I would message Mike daily with little questions, he would get back to me immediately with helpful tips. Now, thanks to Mike I am back on the trails and working towards a 50 miler in Zion this May. I will continue to see Mike to ensure that my injuries do not return!

Leslie Johnson - 38 year old

I have been an athlete my entire life and like most, have struggled with many injuries, followed by seeing numerous doctors getting very little results.It was not until I was referred to Optimal Physical Therapy to see Mike Russell and his team , that I instantly got results from treatment and the corrective exercises to stop the injury from coming back. I am stronger, balanced in my sport have no chronic pain. When I do have issues, he is the first one I call and he takes care of me right away and with care.I am grateful for Mike Russell’s expertise and knowledge of sports and the willingness to help others move and be active in their life.Thank you, Optimal Physical Therapy, for all that you do!

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