Rainbow Clinic Team

Mike Russell

Physical Therapist

Mike Russell is a graduate from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas department of physical therapy in 2007. Since that time, his research interests have included balance rehabilitation for athletes and the aging population, shoulder pain and the overhead throwing athlete, foot volumetrics related to running versus walking, hip, knee, and ankle pain with running and run related injuries. Dr. Russell has been assisting all individuals to help them return to activity with an emphasis on “prehabilitation.” This term is the type of work and rehabilitation that the general population needs to engage in and to prevent injuries. Dr. Russell has extensive training in the use of dry needling techniques to help alleviate aches and pains faster with less time away from activities that people love. Clients of Dr. Russell enjoy the ability to stay active, avoid the use of pills or pain medication, and avoid costly surgery and procedures. Dr. Russell is married to his beautiful wife Sara and enjoys fishing, Disneyland, and going to the beach with their kids Madison, Luke, and Liam.

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