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Optimal Therapy Paseo Verde provides comprehensive Physical Therapy with specialties in pain science and positional release therapy.

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Welcome to the Paseo Verde Clinic

The Optimal Therapy Paseo Verde location has a team of physical therapy specialists lead by Dr. Spencer Earnest. The team at the Paseo Verde location offer comprehensive physical therapy services and also specialize in pain science, positional release therapy and pelvic health. With the specialties in pain science and positional release therapy, the Paseo verde location is ideal for patients suffering with muscle spasms and pain. Having a specialist in pelvic health also makes this a great location for patients looking to improve their pelvic floor health.

Located in West Henderson on the North East corner of Paseo Verde Pkwy and South Stephanie Street, Optimal Therapy Paseo Verde is an ideal location for patients in Henderson, Green Valley and Southeast Las Vegas. Whether you need general physical therapy services, have muscle cramps and pain or need help improving your pelvic floor health, the Optimal Therapy Paseo Verde location is right for you.

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Conveniently located in West Henderson on the North East Corner of Paseo Verde Pkwy and S Stephanie St.

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Our Paseo Verde Clinic Therapists

Courtney Johnson
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Dr. Courtney Johnson was born and raised in Iowa. She graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelors of Science degree in Human Physiology. She then moved to Springfield, Missouri and completed her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Missouri State University.
Courtney has a love for all things health and wellness. She spends a lot of her time staying active, strength training, creating exercise programs and educating others on nutrition and exercise. She is a foodie at heart, loves staying active outdoors and loves cheering on the Iowa Hawkeyes! Dr. Courtney became interested in physical therapy from her time spent in sports growing up. She is passionate about therapeutic exercise and performance training for the active young and adult populations. In addition to this population, she also has a passion for treating perinatal and postpartum women and helping new mothers return to an active lifestyle! Courtney is a huge movement advocate and loves to integrate movement and functional exercise into all of her treatment sessions.
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Patient Care Coordinator
Patient Care Coordinator

Optimal Therapy

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At Optimal Therapy, we provide a range or therapies and services that most physical therapists are not able to offer. Take some time to learn about some of our services and what makes Optimal Therapy best in class.

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