The need for Physical Therapy in Rural Nevada

Physical Therapy in Rural Nevada

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By Leighanna J., Front Office Coordinator

You may think that a small town, in the middle of nowhere Nevada, doesn’t need a facility like a physical therapy clinic.

After all, the sagebrush outnumbers citizens. Well, you’d be wrong.

Let me tell you, it does!

Most rural towns are at least two hours away from any larger cities, and pain doesn’t care where you live.

Believe me, I’d know. 

About 3 years ago, I needed physical therapy. I had to drive two hours to therapy, two hours back home, twice a week.

It took months to get back to normal, much longer than what was expected.

My physical therapy made a world of a difference.

I’d leave each appointment feeling a bit better than when I walked in, only to end up at square one once I finished my long drive home.

I believe I would have made faster progress if I only had access to care in my own town.

There are not-so-lucky people who have to drive, sometimes get a hotel room, and drive back home; all while still attending physical therapy.

Expenses can add up quickly, and when you need physical therapy, it’s often not just a “one and done” treatment.

No one has time or money to travel multiple times a week.

Not to mention driving for extended periods of time sometimes several 100 miles to get better could prolong recovery for physical therapy patients.

Affiliated Physical Therapy (Optimal Therapy an Affiliated Company) has been in Tonopah for a little over a year.

The Tonopah clinic is now the only physical therapy clinic within 200 miles, and we serve all surrounding rural areas.

Some of our patients still drive a while to get here, but it’s a fraction of what they’d be driving without our services.

Working as a front office cooordinator I am lucky to get to know our patients.

We hear stories from patients all the time on how grateful they are that we are so close.

Whether it’s a twisted ankle, back pain, or a hip replacement, there will always be a need for physical therapy, no matter where you live.

I feel blessed to provide help to these rural patients and save them from the additional struggle of travel and expenses that I had to deal with during my personal physical therapy journey.

I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Leighanna works at our Optimal Therapy an Affiliated Company located in Tonopah.

The address is 400 Howerton Hill #B Tonopah, NV, 89049.

To schedule an appointment call 775-505-3232 or click here to see a list of our locations.

Leighanna J. has called Nevada home her entire life. She moved to Tonopah a little over 5 years ago, but spent many weekends within the boundaries of the historic mining town to visit family. She’s a mom of a loving 9-year-old girl.

While she’s new to the company, she’s excited to grow at Optimal Therapy an Affiliated Company and loves how family-oriented we are, “working with Optimal Therapy has given me a better work-life balance, allowing me more time with my mini me.”

Being a native Northern Nevadan, her hobbies include exploring the mountains, camping, fishing, cruising in the hills, rocking on her front porch. She aspires to own a hobby farm with chickens, goats, alpacas, and other fluffy animals. 

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