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Physical Therapy Bonds

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by Angeli Calaunan

I’ve been a physical therapist assistant for about four years now. I enjoy working all aspects of physical therapy, but the pediatric setting is definitely where my heart and soul is. I’ve worked in pediatrics since I received my license in the summer of 2016. 

In school, we’re taught to do no harm, be compassionate, and make sure we follow all guidelines regarding patient care. What we don’t learn a whole lot of is the personal connection that may come with patient care. Some clinics I’ve come across (physical therapy or not) don’t allow personal connections at all.

But in the setting that I work in, it’s so difficult to NOT make things personal. We do a lot of parent education and work with families everyday. We get to know you and your child, what your goals are with physical therapy, and work together to get there. You become our family. 

It’s amazing how much we can affect a family by seeing them once, twice, or even three times a week, for x amount of time. This is even more true when we have a patient come back. It’s like seeing a family member after a long trip. 

To this day, I have discharged patient’s parents text me or call updating me on their child and their growth development. It makes me feel so accomplished when a parent texts me a video of their child walking after some tough therapy sessions! I’ve even learned things from families that I take with me throughout everyday life. 

I can’t imagine a work life without being able to make these bonds. I can also say, it definitely makes communication easier for myself and for other parties involved when we are all on the same level of communication. We’re able to talk more comfortably because we share that mutual undertanding. 

I can pat myself on the back for making these connections, but I also have to give thanks to Optimal PT for making this family-friendly environment and work space so enjoyable.

I absolutely love working at Optimal PT because of the connections I’ve made with my superiors, colleagues, other co-workers, and patients. I hope whoever is a patient or comes into the clinic feels the same family friendly environment because that is what we aim for!

Angeli Calaunan works at our Optimal Therapy an Affiliated Company in South Las Vegas located on Windmill and 215.

The address is 1525 E Windmill Lane #102 Las Vegas, NV, 89123

To schedule an appointment call 702-564-6712 or click here to see a list of our locations.

Angeli Calaunan was born in Jersey City, NJ and raised here in Las Vegas, NV. She attended Desert Oasis High School where she graduated in 2010. She attended Carrington College to become a Physical Therapist Assistant in 2016. 

Angeli has gained experience in early childhood intervention in the home-health setting, skilled nursing facilities, outpatient pediatrics and outpatient orthopedics settings. She has worked in the pediatric setting since receiving her license. She enjoys treating patients of all ages but has the love for treating babies, toddlers, and children with neurological disorders. Angeli is always open to new perspectives and believes everyone has something great to offer and teach her!

Angeli and her husband, Aaron, have been together since high school. They have three children together: Avery, Asher and Aryana. In her spare time, she loves spending the day outdoors with her family, like hiking and sightseeing new places. Angeli is also a major foodie and loves trying new foods from all different cultures! 

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