Getting Kids Active

Getting kids active

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by Ashley Delobel PT,DPT 

If you are like me, you want your kids to be active and healthy. It is more important now than ever in the age of Covid-19. Most young children are naturally active whether inside or outside of the house. My kids especially want to be outside, even in the Las Vegas heat. 

Here is a list of fun ways to get kids to exercise no matter what their age:

Go walking or biking: This is the easiest way to get out and move around. It does not have to be fast or long; do what you can tolerate.

Try swimming: This is perfect for our warmer weather. Swimming also works more muscle groups at once than running or walking. 

Use YouTube exercise videos: I started doing exercise videos on Youtube a few months ago and I love them. I then thought “maybe there are easier ones for kids to do” and came across “The Body Coach!” He has a bunch of videos for adults but also some for kids. When the quarantine began, he started to post “PE with Joe” videos with other children. They do not last more than 10 minutes and have easy-to-do exercises. This was another favorite of my kids.

Play sports: Sign them up for a sport once quarantine is over and the youth sports begin again. Playing sports is a great way to stay in shape and make friends. There are sports going year-round and I am sure you can find something your child will enjoy playing.

I am a firm believer that physical activity has many benefits for adults and children:

It helps with sleep: This is one of the truest things I can say about exercise. On the days my kids do something physical, they fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. This is the case for me as well; if I do not work out five days a week, I sleep horribly.

It helps with mood: I usually have my kids do a workout in the afternoon, especially after being cooped up in the house for most of the day. It helps them get out the excess energy they have and they end up being less cranky.

It improves appetite: My kids are picky eaters. Even when we make something they love to eat, they do not always eat very much. But on days they do an activity, they both eat well and are not asking for a snack right before bedtime. 

It can improve a child’s focus: This goes back to improvements with mood. When a child has less energy to expend, they pay better attention, especially in school, and have less distractions. My daughter is starting kindergarten and I fully intend to continue with her workouts to help her at school.

Ashley Delobel PT,DPT  works at our Optimal Therapy an Affiliated Company in South Las Vegas located on Windmill and 215.

The address is 1525 E Windmill Lane #102 Las Vegas, NV, 89123

To schedule an appointment call 702-564-6712 or click here to see a list of our locations.

Getting kids active

Ashley was born and raised in Henderson, NV. She graduated from Basic High School in 2004 and participated in cross country, basketball, and track and field.  Ashley graduated from UNLV with her Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology in 2009 and UNLV Physical Therapy Department in 2013. She loves to work with young athletes and children. She has also received certifications in dry needling and kinesiotaping, and taken many classes on concussion rehabilitation.

Ashley has been working for Optimal Therapy an Affiliated Company since February 2019 and is currently the Clinic Director at the Windmill location. Ashley still lives in Henderson with her husband Brandon and their 2 children: Shelbi and Ryder. They enjoy hiking, watching/playing sports, going to the lake, and family time.

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