Optimal Therapy Back Strengthening

Optimal Therapy Back Strengthening

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The muscles and joints that compose the back form an intricate network that allows humans to physically move in different ways. Forming one half of the core, the back is used to stabilize and balance the human body while the appendages are responsible for functional movements. Although there are 40 muscles in total that form the back, the following exercises will focus on strengthening about four major muscle groups. Maintaining a strong core will make all other movements more fluid which is critical for physical and occupational therapy patients. 

The following exercises will help strengthen and improve mobility of the back and shoulders. These are all compound exercises, meaning they involve the movement of more than one joint. In this case, the shoulder and elbow joints will be utilized in these physical therapy practices. 

1.Lat Pulldown

This particular exercise targets the muscles of the upper and middle back. This includes the latissimus dorsi, trapezius, rhomboids, and posterior deltoids. The lat pulldown is an easier variation of the “pull up” exercise.  There are numerous variations to this exercise one can implement to target certain muscles in the back over others. 

2. Banded Seated Row

This invigorating exercise targets the muscles of the middle back primarily. The latissimus dorsi and rhomboids get the majority of the burn, while the trapezius assists slightly with the movement. This exercise is great for building a strong core and shoulders.

3. Barbell Bent Over Row

The barbell row is a powerhouse exercise that targets all areas of the back. Also targeting many muscle groups, the primary back muscles activated are the rhomboids, latissimus dorsi, trapezius, and spinal erector muscles. The benefits of performing this exercise include improvement in posture and mobility associated with the core.  

All in all, the back strengthening videos are here to empower you to take control of your health. As previously mentioned, a strong core is key to an overall healthy and properly functioning body. Our goal is to reduce the occurrence of injuries and prevent individuals from needing extensive physical and occupational therapy. By incorporating these three exercises into your weekly fitness routine, you will surely see improvements in both the posture and strength of your back. Incorporate these exercises into your workout routine to reap the benefits. 

If you need help starting a workout plan or need to schedule a physical therapy evaluation to find out how physical therapy can help you reach your goals, contact us

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Optimal Therapy is unique and one of the best choices for your physical and occupational therapy needs. Our team of highly-trained physical and occupational therapists are all patient focused and passionate about delivering a great experience every time. We offer many physical therapy services including fall-prevention, pelvic health, pediatrics, geriatrics, surgery recovery, dry needling, joint mobility and more! We also provide in home care and Telehealth appointments to meet you exactly where you are at.

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