Optimal Therapy Sciatica Early Stage Rehab

Optimal Therapy Sciatica Early Stage Rehab

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Nerves, not the things that make you anxious and jittery, but the electrical network of the human body that allows the brain to instruct body parts. Consider this elaborate network, the largest and longest nerve in the human body is the Sciatic nerve. This wire-like structure runs through the entire length of the lower extremity, beginning at the lower back and ending at the heel of the foot on each side. This structure allows the brain to communicate with the legs and feet essentially directing them on what to do. When considering physical therapy, it is imperative to highlight the mind to muscle connection that makes this process possible. 

Now, Sciatica is a term used to refer to pain, tingling, or numbness originating in the lower back and gluteal area that extends down either thigh. Typically, physical therapy patients experience this pain from a variety of factors ranging from physical injuries to lack of core stability. 

The following physical therapy exercises can be used to rehabilitate the Sciatic nerve:

1. Seated Sciatic Nerve Glide 

  • This seated exercise will help restore mobility and decrease the sensation of pain by stretching the Sciatic nerve along the gluteal region, without getting out of your chair. 

2. Standing Sciatic Nerve Glide 

  • Similar to the seated nerve glide, this standing exercise will provide a deeper stretch to the Sciatic nerve while restoring mobility and decreasing pain. 

3. Seated Figure 4  

  • This exercise stretches a total of six muscles at one time in the lower back, gluteal, and thigh region. Particularly, the Piriformis, a muscle deep in the glutes, gets a nice stretch which alleviates some of the pressure placed on the Sciatic nerve near it. There are multiple variations which can increase or decrease the stretch, making this exercise practical for anyone. 

All in all, these simple exercises can make a significant improvement in your physical health journey. By completing a few sets of these exercises 3 days out the week, the mobility and pain in your lower body can be alleviated. Take control of your health and physical therapy experience by subscribing to our YouTube channel where you can find videos like this along with others to improve your physical abilities from the comfort of your home. 

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Optimal Therapy is unique and one of the best choices for your physical and occupational therapy needs. Our team of highly-trained physical and occupational therapists are all patient focused and passionate about delivering a great experience every time. We offer many physical therapy services including fall-prevention, pelvic health, pediatrics, geriatrics, surgery recovery, dry needling, joint mobility and more! We also provide in home care and Telehealth appointments to meet you exactly where you are at.

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